Health Committee

2019-2020 Committee Members

    Chair: Tracy Johnson
    Vice Chair: Vacant
    Kim Jensen
    Glen Larsen
    Tracy Smith
    Matt Wappett
    Nels Holmgren
    Noel Taxin
    Ian Summers
    Pan Bennett

Health Committee Goals and Objectives

Goal: The Utah DD Council will support the of access to and the use of health services including dental, vision, behavioral and mental health for people with developmental and other disabilities and their families.

  1. Facilitate the assessment of current dental, vision, behavioral and mental health resources
  2. Facilitate the education of individuals, families, and policy makers in at least fice counties (indentified as having the greatest gaps in resources and services) about the importance and availability of dental, vision, behavioral and mental health services and the status of current resources available
  3. Facilitate an increase in access to health services for Spanish-speaking Utahns (Targeted disparity objective and collaboration with the DLC and CPD)